Prairie-Tied Projects Community

A Community Designed to;

ignite the flames that burn and create change

A Manitoba based Grassroots movement inspired by a collective approach with members from all corners of Our Globe coming forward to share, explore, learn, and make space for one another! 

A space for: Change-Makers, Action-takers, Social Leaders and, those who have the desires to harness that potential

We Believes,by; expanding our minds through exploration and finding our passions, we become alive. That awakening creates ~ waves ~ lifting up and breathing new life into ourselves and our communities. This direct action in turn, strengthens Our tomorrow’s which  all will benefit from, because of  the actions we took today.

We are a place for all including: Creators, Authors, Writers, Readers, Subscribers, Community Members, & anyone who may just be passing through. We are a place to: grow, learn, & journey all of our ways toward becoming our truest selves; through exploration, compassion, dedication, & understanding.

A place for love.

Love for oneself, ones family, ones community, & the members within. A place to find your happiness, define your successes, learn the skills you need to engage in the activities you have always wanted but, may have put on the back burneras – life can sometimes sweep us away & we lose focus of what really matters. Thus, the time is now to prioritize you! Your life, your goals, & it is time to “un-sweep” those around us that life’s unsuspecting sways may just have taken away.

The Tide is broken into 10 main sections all of which are packed with sub-Areas, that feature more ways to be inspired, more ways to get involved, more ways for us to connect with you, you to connect with  those around you,  & find ways to connect you, back to you.

Our community here is so large because Prairie-Tied Projects features the varying voices, opinions, & life stories of our Tide-Contributors , our engaging Members & our amazing Authors! All of which have come together on the -Tide’s Shore, with intentions to send bottles filled with soul-written scrolls out to the Modern Sea of today. Unsure if someone will find them, but choosing the to write anyway; all differ from one another, with varying voices, writing stemming from different intentions, whether it be from a place of:  happiness, hurt,  inspiration,  healing, embarking on a new venture that they want to share others with or, just to put a smile on your face, the common thread  is certain. Each are invaluable blocks to Our building Community & can be found here; as a beacon, shooting their lights out across the open waters. As such, each have their own areas, sections, categories, & places here on the Tide to honor that.


the following page contains a visual-written menu which can be easily located by hitting the ‘home button’ .

Head on over to see the guide!

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